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Shiver, is the name of a new thriller film planning to debut at the 2011 Toronto Film Festival this September, shot entirely on location in Portland, Oregon. It is based on the psychological suspense novel by Brian Harper, and tells the tale of a relentless serial killer who finally meets his match in the form of the one woman who manages to escape him. But he’s not ready to admit defeat.

The film stars horror film cult favorite, Danielle Harris, known for playing Michael Myers’ niece in Halloween 4 and 5, and Annie Brackett in the Rob Zombie remakes, Halloween and Halloween II. Co-starring are John Jarratt (Wolf Creek), and Casper Van Dien (Starship Troopers).

Harris plays Wendy Alden, a Portland secretary who is attacked by the serial killer, Franklin Rood (Jarratt), and is able to get away. Detective Tony Delgado (Van Dien) is assigned to protect Wendy when Rood comes after her again, but ultimately Wendy is the one who must face down the killer.

The release date is set for Fall 2011. To visit the film’s website, click here.

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