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Welcome to Danielle Harris Online, your only dedicated source for the amazingly talented Danielle Harris. You maybe know her from Rob Zombies Halloween franchise, or maybe even her earlier role as Jamie Lloyd in Halloween 4, Halloween 5. Here at Danielle Harris Online we aim to provide you with up to date information, media, and images to suit your Danielle needs! Thanks for stopping by and keep checking back. You don't wanna miss out! 
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Welcome to Danielle Harris Online, your only dedicated source for the amazingly talented Danielle Harris. You maybe know her from Rob Zombies Halloween franchise, or maybe even her earlier role as Jamie Lloyd in Halloween 4, Halloween 5.Here at Danielle Harris Online we aim to provide you with up to date information, media, and images to suit your Danielle needs! Thanks for stopping by and keep checking back. You don't wanna miss out!
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Adam Green’s Scary Sleepover
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The Film Pigs Ep. 137: The Queen of Scream
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See No Evil 2 Interview
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Rotten Tomatoes Interview
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Horror News Network See No Evil 2 Interview
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Dread Central #SDCC14 Exclusive
Published by: · Date: 2014/07/29· Filed Under: Interview, Movies, Press

WWE Studios is resurrecting the demon Kane as Jacob Goodnight in See No Evil 2, the upcoming sequel to See No Evil, but before speaking with the mammoth monster himself, we had the opportunity to sit with stars Danielle Harris and Kaj-Erik Erikson as well as directors Jen and Sylvia Soska.

In the movie I play Amy,” Harris (pictured) tells us of her character. “Amy works at the morgue and loves her job, dropped out of Med School to pursue it because she feels like at the end of the day we all end up here anyway.

“She’s got some family issues, issues with her brother, issues with her mother … not too far from real life. *laughs* I just so happen to be working, on my character’s birthday, the night that … we pick up where the last one left off and there’s all these bodies … I’m always in the wrong place at the wrong time, man. We get all the bodies in, including the body of Jacob Goodnight. Of course he doesn’t stay down for long and he comes back and traps us in the hospital.

Harris continues, “For me, I got to a point before this movie that I wasn’t a hundred percent sure how much more I could do in the genre that would be challenging because I kept getting the same kinds of roles. I’m a little older and it’s getting hard on me! Of course I want to be the lead, I want to be the final girl and fight the bad guy. And then, the reality sets in of how much can I really do in that short amount of time without ending up in the hospital or having a breakdown or serious health issues afterwards.

So this was an opportunity to play something I hadn’t really played. My reaction after seeing it was, ‘Oh wow, this is the first time I’ve sort of been me.’ I can be a feisty tough girl, as you know, but there’s a whole other side that I really don’t show that often and I think that’s a little bit more of what Amy is in this. She’s trying to keep everything together to help us go where we need to go. It was a rollercoaster from the first day, there was a lot of shit going on. You never know what door Jacob’s [WWE superstar Glenn ‘Kane’ Jacobs] gonna pop out of or bust through. He’s like the Kool-Aid guy,” Harris says with a laugh.

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CraveOnline Interview
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Danielle’s Photo Feature in upcoming issue #31 of Gorezone
Published by: · Date: 2014/03/26· Filed Under: Interview, Photos, Press

Already legendary FANGORIA photographer Ama Lea—the lady who has helped secure Fango a “Best Cover” Rondo nomination for her stunning shots of Roger Corman in FANGORIA #328—returns to the pages of GOREZONE in our upcoming issue #31! Last round (issue #30 on sale here), Ama dragged HUMAN CENTIPEDE star Ashlynn Yennie out to the desert, poured her into barely there clothing and had her beat up John Humphrey, but this time she’s gone after this generation’s most prolific and savvy scream queen, the immaculate Danielle Harris.


Danielle’s Exclusive Interview With Rue Morgue
Published by: · Date: 2013/08/30· Filed Under: Interview

Make sure to listen to Danielle’s exclusive interview with Rue Morgue above, and see if she answered a question YOU might have asked!!

Danielle on EP Daily
Published by: · Date: 2013/08/16· Filed Under: Interview, Video